The Duryea Smile Guarantee

The Duryea Smile Guarantee

Your investment in orthodontic treatment is taken very seriously here at Duryea Orthodontics. So much so that when you start treatment you will be given the Duryea Smiles Guarantee. You will find that there are not many orthodontists in Colorado offering any type of guarantee on their treatment. Those that do generally talk about when you are unhappy during your treatment.

First, when you become a patient at Duryea Orthodontics, your satisfaction throughout treatment is extremely important to us and we are always looking for ways to make you even happier. Because your treatment is going to make such a huge difference throughout your life, we go a step further and guarantee your results, 100%, forever!

That means that after treatment if your teeth begin to shift, if you have been wearing your retainers as directed, Duryea Orthodontics is happy to align your smile again, for free, for life.

When you get your orthodontic treatment here at Duryea Orthodontics, you can rest assured that not only will you have a wonderful experience, a fantastic smile when you are done, but that you have the peace of mind knowing we are here to take care of you long after you’ve finished treatment.

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